This is my wife’s favorite cocktails (also one of my favorites), we don’t have it all the time, but when we do, I need to remember the measurements every time. So why not just make my own blog, so I get everything perfect, ever time.

I will give you the standard measurements, and then the measurements that I use. You will need a cocktail shaker for this cocktail.


  • 45mL tequila
  • 25mL juice from freshly squeezed limes (or lime juice)
  • 15mL Cointreau
  • 5mL sugar syrup
  • Salt

Now, the above makes a nice standard drink, but for me I wanted more…

Greg’s Ingredients

  • 90mL tequila
  • 50mL juice from freshly squeezed limes (or lime juice)
  • 30mL Cointreau
  • 5-10mL sugar syrup
  • Salt

These are the spirits I am using at the time of writing this, you can of course choose your own favorites

Próspero Añejo Tequila

Cointreau Orange Liqueur

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This is why I love this cocktail, it is super easy to make, and then even easier to enjoy.

  1. Add the tequila, Cointreau, freshly squeezed lime juice, syrup and ice to your cocktail shaker
  2. Shake Shake Shake Shake, and Shake some more
  3. Get one of the left over limes and run it around the rim of your glass, then salt the rim of your glass
  4. Grab a strainer and pour your creation into the glass