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VMware Cloud on AWS – What’s New in January 2022

There has been a huge amount of new features / updates / services added to the VMware Cloud on AWS Platform. The below is a list of my top four favorites, there is well over 25 new enhancements, the full list can be found here. VMware Transit Connect Intra-Region Peering with AWS Transit Gateway: This […]

Configuring VMware Cloud on AWS Storage Polices

VMware Cloud on AWS (VMC) gives you the ability to control the availability and performance of a group of virtual machines, a single virtual machine or even an individual disk within a virtual machine. So you can tailor availability and performance based on the application or business requirement The above animation gives a nice little […]

Margarita Cocktail

This is my wife’s favorite cocktails (also one of my favorites), we don’t have it all the time, but when we do, I need to remember the measurements every time. So why not just make my own blog, so I get everything perfect, ever time. I will give you the standard measurements, and then the […]

How to setup Elastic DRS with VMware Cloud on AWS

Elastic DRS or EDRS for short, is an awesome feature of VMware Cloud on AWS (VMC) Imagine your current on premises data center could automatically scale up and down, based on the workloads / applications demands. This is very hard to do in an on premises data center, and also costly. What I will cover […]

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